Testimonials 2013

Scott, Missouri, USA

“The trainers are the best part.”

“We get to teach little kids once a week and that’s always my favorite part.”

“I love Prague. I didn’t plan on staying…but I’m going to get a job here and I want to live here now.”

Tracy, Colorado, USA

My favorite part: “…Meeting new people and learning about the English language more than I ever thought.”

Jenny, California, USA

My favorite part: “…to learn different types of teaching methods and how to be effective with each.”

On teaching: “I feel like I’m ready but there’s still more to improve on…that’s only going to happen through experience and trial and error.”

Daniel, Washington D.C.

“The trainers have been wonderful. They answer any question you have even if it’s their lunch break. They’ve been really approachable.”

My favorite part: “I’ve really enjoyed …the language studying part of English…being able to better understand my own (language).”

Language and Training, s.r.o. is an equal opportunity educational institution accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education (MSMT - 8148/2012-25)
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