About us

TEFL International’s program is headquartered in Prague 5, a scenic 30 minute tram ride from the city centre.  The training centre is run from, Threshold Training Associates, a buzzing family-owned language school. In addition to our professional and passionate core trainers, we can draw, when needed, from our team of experienced teachers who specialize in a variety of areas such as exam preparation, business and professionally oriented English, and young learners. This allows us to cater to the individual needs of each group. You will also have the chance to meet our serving teachers in the staffroom and pick their brains about TEFL teaching and life in Prague or other cities.

Our school offers access to a variety of resources such as, computers for lesson planning and resumé building, wifi and internet access, photocopiers, and full access to our resource library of course books and materials covering a wide range of levels and skill focuses. There is a selection of restaurants, pubs and supermarkets nearby.

Our career guidance counselors, professional TEFL recruiters themselves, have first-hand knowledge of the TEFL market both in Prague and abroad. They will advise you on how to write a TEFL CV, on creating demo lessons, and will prepare you for your first TEFL interviews with mock sessions and feedback.

Our social coordinator tailors the social and cultural program according to the interests and tastes of each group; starting with the welcome breakfast and a get-to-know-you dinner with the trainers, trainees and staff on the first day. The other possibilities include theater visits, pub crawls, tours of Prague and trips to surrounding cities, festivals, concerts and clubs; eventually ending with the certificate awards and the final farewell.

Join the TEFL International course in Prague and start teaching English in the Czech Republic and throughout the world, with your internationally recognized TESOL Certificate.

Come for the key to Czech out the world!

Language and Training, s.r.o. is an equal opportunity educational institution accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education (MSMT - 8148/2012-25)
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